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So, you’re interested in sustainable energy and looking for home solar panels but have so many questions? How many solar panels would you need, how many hours of sunlight can you expect in your area, what modules to buy, and where to mount them? 

These are just some of the things to consider. Luckily for you, we, at Chief Solar Saver are here to help. We’ll get you in touch with a local solar company in your area to answer all your questions, give you a quote, and take care of the installation process.

The Benefits of Home Solar Panels


Stop renting electricity from utility companies and switch to a self-sustainable energy model. With the right financing option, home solar panels are the more budget-friendly option in the long run. If you’re not sure how the numbers will look for your real estate, let us connect you with a solar company we trust and see for yourself.


Average monthly
Bill savings on rooftop solar


Receive this tax credit of total system cost

25 years

Payback period
and free power


Average home value
increase across the US for adding solar

Why Chief Solar Saver

Here at Chief Solar Saver, we like to give people options. Our job is to find a local solar company near everyone looking for solar services in the US. We have worked hard on building a trustworthy network, and we are only working with honorable service providers.

Personalized Approach

We won’t just get you in touch with the first local solar company on our list as we’ll make sure we find a contractor that can satisfy all your unique needs. Every home has a unique energy consumption, and there are so many ways to mount the right number of home solar panels.


Yes, switching to sustainable energy is the smart choice if you plan on saving money in the long run. However, here, at Chief Solar Saver, we help you find a contractor that offers quality services and products at affordable rates for even more initial savings.


It makes sense that sustainable energy is a better environmental solution, but not all panels are made equal. However, as the panel industry grows, different materials have been used in manufacturing different units, and some of these are not recyclable. However, if your goal is to be as green as possible, we’ll make sure to connect you with the right solar company in your area!

Book a Company That Does it All

Home Solar Panels

Find the best deals on home solar panels, and take the first step toward becoming energy independent.

Home Battery Storage

If your setup can collect more energy than you can use, we can help you securely store that energy for emergencies or peak rate times for additional cost savings.

Sustainable Custom Solar Solutions

All of the contractors we work with offer customized recommendations for your solar system based on your current energy use and your future needs. You can expect:


Hassle-Free Installation

From helping you choose the right panel to installation, the solar panel company we connect you with will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Hassle-Free Installation

We only work with companies that offer products with certifications from top brands like CEC, TUV SUD, and IEC OHSAS.

Regardless of your home or the area where you live, we at Chief Solar Saver, guarantee to help you find the right contractor to take care of all your home solar needs.

Take your first steps toward creating a brighter future